Electric Trikke

36V-lite-RED-4 Your purchase of an Electric Trikke will enhance your travel experience in many ways. With an ease of use and exceptional maneuverability, to run errands and peruse local shops on an Electric Trikke will add hours of fun and enjoyment to your vacation, as well as quicken your ability to explore local attractions and eateries; which will also cut down on travel time and parking headaches.2FOLDED

Lightweight and adjustable,  with the ability to fold and pack, owning a Trikke will bring you a convenience that golf carts and scooters cannot provide.  An electric Trikke can be folded and packed like luggage.

You have several different styles and colors of Trikkes to chose from. With 36 to 48 Volt electric motors, and  a range of up to 22 miles, you will have plenty of power for trips to the market, around the marina, airportBothMODELS and campground.


Trikke EV-logo