Convert Your Bike to an Electric Bike

Convert your existing bike or trike to an electric bike. Ideal for police departments,  messenger services, or anyone who commutes or uses a bike for daily travel.

Convert Ebike
Electric Bike Conversion Kit Special Offer

Most recumbents and trikes can easily be converted. Older park and beach trikes are great to convert, and will add much value to your bike, as well as improve the quality of your biking experience.

New electric batteries and motors add a great deal of torque to your bike. Braking systems slow and stop the bike just as if you are riding a bike that has not been converted.

Not all bikes can be converted.  Good quality bikes are best to convert. You will add a minimum amount of weight to your bike, and the battery can be removed if needed.

Please give us a call prior to converting your bike, so that we can assist you with your purchase, and recommend the best possible solution for conversion.