Black Friday Sale

Are you looking to get an electric bike for yourself or a loved one? Debating whether to do it now or wait until Spring? Act now to get a phenomenal deal on a DLEMARVA Electric Bicycle!On Friday at 12:01am EST (Thursday 9.01pm PST), we are kicking off the biggest sale of the year – Black Friday Countdown Supersale!

This is your chance to get the best deal of the year:
    • First, save up to 21% on any DELMARVA electric bike and upgrades! Savings up to $730!
  • Then, get an additional $50 rebate when you upgrade to an Extended-Range battery.
  • On top of it, get free shipping and 18-month comprehensive warranty with every purchase!
If you’ve been thinking about getting an electric bike – for immediate riding or next season – this is the best time to act!

Ready to move forward? Go to to learn more.Discount Timeline – Buy Early, Save More!

Friday, 12:01am – 4:00am EST (Thu 9.01pm – Fri 1am PST) – save 21%
Friday, 4:01am – 8:00am EST (1.01am – 5am PSTsave 20%!
Friday, 8:01am – 12:00pm EST (5.01am – 9am PSTsave 19%!
Friday, 12:01pm – 4:00pm EST (9.01am – 1pm PSTsave 18%!
Friday, 4:01pm – 8:00pm EST (1.01pm – 5pm PSTsave 17%!
Friday, 8:01pm – 12:00am EST (5.01pm – 9pm PSTsave 16%!

… and so on. The discount will keep decreasing by 1% throughout the weekend and then it’s gone!

There is more…

To help you ride longer and further, upgrade the battery on any of the models and get a $50 rebate on top of the main discount.
Simply select the Upgraded Battery configuration and complete your checkout. Your rebate will be issued to you within 10 days!

I have more questions! No problem – our friendly, trained electric bike specialists are standing by to help you. Just respond to this email or call 410-703-0492 and we’ll be happy to assist in any way we can!